Beer-Garden Onslaught: Berry Park Joins Bia Garden and T.B.D.

Photo: Urbandaddy

With just a month of summer left, this news is bittersweet, but UrbanDaddy points to a new (rooftop!) beer garden, Berry Park in Williamsburg. Don’t count on the Friday opening date they mention: Christina Kornhuber, who was a manager at Zum Schneider, tells us she’s waiting for gas as well as a certificate of occupancy, so it could be a while. Once she gets gas, she’ll start thinking about a food program. In the meantime, the roof will seat 100 for European beers on draft (they also have a license to sell the hard stuff) and the barnlike downstairs will seat 200. Kornhuber and her partner, Jonathan Marchisio, plan to show soccer games and may also host live music.

Of course, Berry Park joins Bia Garden in the realm of nouveau beer gardens. Plus, last week BlackBook discovered that former Diner and Fatty Crab line cook Jon Meyer was manning a grill on the patio of Greenpoint’s t.b.d., turning out a bánh mì with egg, Sriracha, and kaffir aioli; an eggplant sandwich with pickled red onions, harrisa, smoked feta, and mint; smoked chicken wings; corn on the cob with smoked apple butter; and an octopus with charred scallions and romesco.

With all this going on, we may finally get that tan this summer.

Berry Park, 4 Berry St., nr. N. 14th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-782-2829

Beer-Garden Onslaught: Berry Park Joins Bia Garden and T.B.D.