Beacon Celebrates 5 Years with Twisted Taco Menu

Photo: Beacon

Craving Asian-influenced tacos but don’t have time to Twitter for trucks? Go to Beacon, where Zagat informs us every night the restaurant’s fifth anniversary is celebrated with a menu of twisted tacos and wines to match. These sure aren’t truck tacos, priced at five bucks each and stuffed with stir-fried Angus beef asada and oyster sauce, mu shu duck, miso carnitas, stir-fried mushroom, grilled yellowtail. The Mexi-Asian fare by Chef Matsusaka takes the Benneton treatment when paired with wines that are mostly white and European, also priced at five dollars a glass. Reservations can be made with the restaurant directly 310-838-7500, check out the menu to see what you’re in for:

Stir-fried Mushroom Tacos
Roasted peppers, arugula, goat cheese

Carne Asada
Stri-fried Angus beef, baby bok choy, jalapenos, scallions,Chinese oyster sauce

Mu Shu Duck
Cabbage, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, hoisin sauce

Miso-braised pork, blood orange-ginger vinaigrette

Grilled Yellowtail
Avocado, shiso, pickled ginger, tomatillo salsa

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Beacon Celebrates 5 Years with Twisted Taco Menu