What to Eat at Bazaar’s New Kitchen Pantry

Photo: Bazaar

If you can’t wrangle a table at Bazaar, Chef Jose Andres has attempted to make cooking his dishes at home easier with the introduction of Kitchen Pantry, a depot for specialized Spanish food products. We checked out the menu on Food GPS and advise not to expect spending any less than you would on a meal if you want the good stuff. While a few items like white asparagus and piquillo peppers fall below twenty dollars, other offerings appear too valuable to be traded for mere U.S. currency. Among the most expensive: 500 ML of Grand Reserva Sherry Vinegar at $124; a KG of Marcona almonds at $70; Arroyabe Bonito in oil for $133; and the most expensive, a gram of Mancho-Oro Saffron for $172. Now, we found a G of the stuff for $11.95 on Amazon, and Bonito in Arroyabe for $10.60, but are not convinced it’s the exact same stuff Andres peddles. In any case, we’d rather pay to have him cook it himself while you check out the menu:


Olive Oil Nunes del Prado 500 ML 32.00
Olive Oil Merula 500 ML 17.00

Grand Reserva Sherry Vinegar 500 ML 124.00
Vinegar Pedro Ximénez 200 ML 22.00

Arroyabe Bonito in Oil 111 G 133.00
Rey de la Vera Sweet Pimentón 2.6 OZ 5.00
Mancho-Oro Saffron 1 G 172.00

Gourmet Marcona Almonds
Blanched 1 KG 70.00
Roasted 1 KG 70.00

El Navarrico Fire Roasted
Piquillo Peppers 8 OZ 8.00

Bomba Paella Rice 1 KG 30.00

Ventresca Tuna-Belly Fillets
in Olive Oil Ortiz 4 OZ 38.00

Berberchos de Carril, Los Peperetes 44.00

White Asparagus 16.00

Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America
by Chef José Andrés 35.00

What to Eat at Bazaar’s New Kitchen Pantry