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Atria, Home Port, and Other Vineyard Restaurants the Obamas Should Try

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The Obama family is expected to arrive on Martha’s Vineyard next week. Where should they eat? We’ve already weighed in with our recommendations, but we asked noted Vineyard enthusiasts Woodward chef Mark Goldberg , Herald restaurant critic Mat Schaffer, and how2heroes CEO Lynne Viera for their presidential picks.

Atria: “They should try their ‘Cod is Great, Cod is Good’ menu item, just because it is not only delicious but fun to say!” -Viera. “Good scene, good energy.” -Goldberg

The Black Dog: “Just because it’s the original.” -Schaffer

Detente: “A good, small more romantic type setting. Kevin [Crowell] does a lot with the local farmers and growers.” -Goldberg

The Home Port: “They should take the girls and eat on the patio. it was going to close after last year and the community banded together to save it.” -Schaffer

The Lookout Tavern: “Great raw bar and maybe the best sushi on the island.” - Schaffer

Aside from their restaurant meals, Goldberg thinks the Obama family should enjoy the Vineyard’s bounty at home: “Visit the farmers market in West Tisbury and grab some great local product (corn, tomatoes, beans…) (or go directly to the farm stands at the farm), grab some local Katama oysters from one of the great fish vendors on the island. While you are there grab some local striped bass and fire up the grill.”

What would you recommend for the Obamas’ vacation?

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Atria, Home Port, and Other Vineyard Restaurants the Obamas Should Try