The Other Critics

A Bad Day For Le Colonial And Il Pogglio

Photo: courtesy Le Colonial

Scandale! Pat Bruno files a breakup letter with Le Colonial, formerly his favorite Vietnamese destination. The food is still fantastic, but the restaurant suffers from overcrowded tables, frigid service, and astronomically high prices. Adios. [Sun-Times]

• Another disappointment for Bruno at Hinsdale’s Il Pogglio, the latest Jerry Kleiner Italian venture. Food is oddly overpriced with listless presentations, “acceptable but not awesome” seems to be the order of the day. When Bruno dislikes an Italian restaurant, you know something’s up. [Sun-Times]

• Master of suburbia Tomas Witom drops in on Naperville’s Sugar Toad, where he’s taken with chef Jimmy Sneed’s “inspired but unfussy” menu, with well-excecuted new American savories topped by a “formulaic,” but successful, dessert selection. [Sun-Times]

A Bad Day For Le Colonial And Il Pogglio