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Where Should the Obamas Eat on the Vineyard?

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Though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the Track Girls are reporting that, as previously rumored, the Obama family will head to Martha’s Vineyard for the second half of August. This raises the vital question: where will they eat when they’re on island? We did some brainstorming based on what we know about the Obama’s food preferences. Click through for our recommendations.

• We’re assuming the First Family will fly directly onto the island, which means no stop in Falmouth for the Clam Shack, but they should have at least one quintessential Vineyard experience. Malia and Sasha will love the ice cream at Mad Martha’s and the staff there is used to dealing with famous people.

• The President and First Lady will probably want a few date nights and the Vineyard has no shortage of their kind of restaurant - simple, local foods prepared beautifully. The Sweet Life Cafe is the closest thing the area has to family favorite Blue Hill and Michelle, who has been known to enjoy the occasional martini, might like the cocktails at Atria.

• Both Barack and Michelle have made their love for burgers public (the President has even made a few on-the-job burger runs) and The Offshore Ale Company is considered by many to have the best in town.

Where do you think the Obamas should eat on the Vineyard?

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Where Should the Obamas Eat on the Vineyard?