What to Eat at Umi Nom, Kuma Inn’s Sister Spot, Opening Tomorrow

King Phojanakong’s Brooklyn follow-up to Kuma Inn opens Tuesday, and we have the debut menu of Southeast-Asian small plates (below). Unlike the Lower East Side original, Umi Nom features $10 noodle dishes like Pancit Canton — egg noodles with sausage, chicken, soy, and fish sauces — plus a fried-rice lineup. The name Umi Nom is a play on the Tagalog verb meaning “to drink,” says the Feed. Unfortunately, the wine-and-beer license is forthcoming.

Umi Nom

small plates
house pickles: chef’s selection of assorted seasonal vegetables 8
shitake mushrooms, soy mirin glaze 10
crimini mushroom tofu skewers, scallions 10
panko crusted vegetables, soy vinegar dipping sauce 10
asian market greens: sautéed greens & garlic 9
pan roasted salmon, coconut basil green curry 11
wok prawns, chili glazed 11
crab & cream cheese wontons, sweet chili aioli 9
wok roasted manila clams, spicy black bean sauce 11
whole grilled orata, atchara 21
crispy calamari, sweet & sour sauce 11
fried tilapia, wasabi tobiko aioli 10
grilled mackerel toasted rice, cherry tomato, jicama, garlic-chili lime dressing 11
spicy seared beef salad, green papaya, long beans, cherry tomatoes, peanuts 12
sautéed chinese sausage, thai chili-lime sauce 11.5
salt& pepper lollipop chicken wings, anaheim peppers 10
ma-banh’s beef jerky smoked chili sauce 11
grilled pork chops, pickled vegetables 10
fried spring rolls shrimp, pork & glass noodles 8
grilled skirt steak roasted tomatoes & onions 12
bbq ribs garlic, ginger, lemongrass, oyster sauce marinade 11
griddled beef patties, house pickles (a little pork thrown in too) 10

noodles & rice
chicken pad see ew: broad flat rice noodles, soy, garlic 10
shrimp pad thai: rice noodles, tamarind, fish sauce, peanuts 10
pancit canton: sausage, chicken, egg noodles, soy, fish sauce 10
charred beef rice vermicelli: cold rice sticks, herbs, cucumbers 10
garden vegetable fried rice: stir fried rice, soy, garlic 8
chicken fried rice: stir fried rice, egg, soy, garlic 9
bahaykubo fried rice: chicken, sausage and shrimp stir fried rice, egg, soy, garlic 11

sticky rice 2
coconut rice 3
long grain rice 2
garlic rice 3

warm thai chili chocolate cake 8
chilled summer fruit soup 8
assorted sorbets & ice cream 8

Umi Nom, 433 DeKalb Ave., nr. Classon Ave., Clinton Hill, Brooklyn; 718-789-8806

What to Eat at Umi Nom, Kuma Inn’s Sister Spot, Opening Tomorrow