What to Eat at The Red Canary, Opening Tonight

The doors open — for a select few, at least, since it’s a VIP preview — at The Red Canary, the snazzy jazz-age boite that bills itself as “Chicago’s first gastro-lounge.” The River West spot prides itself on its drinks, to be sure, but the kitchen — helmed by Rick Spiros, of the now-closed Mantou Noodle Bar — has plenty up its sleeve. Buttermilk-fried quail, sushi-grade scallops with goat cheese and roasted red pepper, house-made s’mores with lavender marshmallows: this is not your average bar food. Read on for tonight’s opening menu.

Tasso Ham & Fontina Cheese Croquette - Jalapeno Mint Emulsion 7

House Cut Fries with Truffle Pesto & Cracked Pepper 5

Charred Baby Octopus - House-made Gardinaire - Lemon Zest 11

Grilled Asparagus- Lamb & Fennel Hash - Goat Milk Feta - Sherry Vinaigrette 9

Petite Arugula - Bleu Cheese - Pickled Grapes - yellow beets 8

Mac & 2 year Cheddar with Smoked Bacon - Roasted Tomato & Basil salad 7

Mussel and Smoked Sausage “Jambalaya” Saffron Aioli - Crusty Bread 10

Lemon infused cherry tomatoes - Basil Goat Cheese Puree - Parmesan Cracker 6

Artisan cheese Flight - Blueberry Port Compote - Lavender Flatbread 14

Pulled Short rib on Garlic Brioche - Arugula Pesto - Poached Organic Egg 12

Sushi grade Scallops - Goat Cheese and Red Pepper Grits - Chive Oil 14

Barbecued Dutch Pork Belly - Chipolte Potato Salad - Ginger Cole Slaw - Pomegranate Molasses 11

Tempura Artichoke Heart - Lump Crab & Avocado Salad - Balsamic Cream 13

Buttermilk fried Quail - basil whipped potatoes - truffle creamed corn - Louisiana Hot Sauce 13

Angus beef sliders - Mindoro bleu - balsamic onions - Baby arugula salad 8

Open faced New England lobster roll with bacon and avocado spread 16

Bistro steak -Sweet Corn & Red Onion Salad - Parsley Vinaigrette 15


“Banana Cream” Crispy Phyllo - Cardamom Infused caramel 6

Warm Flourless Chocolate Cake - Strawberry Vanilla Jam

House made S’mores -Lavender Marshmallows - Chocolate ganache - graham cracker

Lemon Meringue on Fennel Shortbread

What to Eat at The Red Canary, Opening Tonight