Top Chef

Waxman Fails to Wax Competition on Top Chef: Masters

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Last night’s episode of Top Chef: Masters was an especially bromantic one — indeed Slashfood describes it as “an emotional journey, a blubbering, four-hanky love-in.” For the quickfire, Chicago’s Art Smith, L.A.’s Michael Cimarusti, and New Yorkers Roy Yamaguchi of bygone Roy’s and Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto had to pick out ingredients from a certain aisle in the supermarket: “I don’t open jars. I don’t open cans. I don’t deal with that kind of thing,” said Waxman before coming in last with a mint, roasted pepper, and lentil salad. The cheftestants were especially diplomatic in picking out high-quality ingredients for each other in the elimination challenge, Serious Eats points out. “For professional chefs,” Waxman said, “the word ‘sabotage’ does not exist.” Actually, The Feed points out that Waxman put his former student Yamaguchi Cimarusti at a disadvantage by not giving him any fish to work his magic on, but that didn’t help the Barbuto chef and Beard Award winner. The win ultimately went to Oprah fave Art Smith for his fried chicken two ways and mango pie. Another one for Chicago.

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