Update: Lights Out at the Station for Chronic

Photo: Chronic Tacos

Update on yesterday’s Taco Tuesday report regarding Chronic Tacos in West L.A. We’ve heard from the Chron’s reps today who report, a little to our dismay, that the short-lived spot has been dismantled, most likely for good.

Apparently, problems with the station’s gas supply caused Chronic to flee the scene.

“We were totally stoked on the Chronic Tacos inside, but we relied upon the gasoline customers, and since there was hardly ever any gas, that translated to fewer and fewer customers,” says Skip Snead, the president and creative director of Chronic, using our favorite Cali colloquialism to express his enthusiasm.

While no plans exist to bring the chain’s tacos back to the currently shuttered station, they will be flying south soon, with plans to open up in Redondo Beach by this winter and an opening in Moorpark this Monday at 11a.m.

The Redondo spot is projected to reside at the corners of PCH and Torrance, and will be called Wee-Man’s Chronic Tacos for the diminutive Jackass star who will be helming this location.

Whew! Our ability to get Wake n’ Bacon breakfast burritos has hardly been stymied, try as OPEC might.

Update: Lights Out at the Station for Chronic