Unsanitary Restaurants; Over-Sanitary Farms

• Michael Bauer warns us about eating at unsanitary restaurants, but we still wonder how health inspections play into his own reviewing. [SF Gate]

• Farmers in the Salinas valley are bulldozing acres around their crops in order to sanitize them against e.coli. [SF Chronicle]

• After a strong weekend showing, Food Inc. now has a total take of $1,707,000, making it the highest-grossing specialty documentary of 2009. [Indiewire]

• Ruth Madoff was upset that she wasn’t able to use expired coupons on a recent visit to California Pizza Kitchen. [NYP]

• Proposed legislation in the EU would extend animal welfare rights to all invertebrates, including crustaceans like crab and lobster. Right now the only protected invertebrate is the octopus. [New Scientist]

Unsanitary Restaurants; Over-Sanitary Farms