The Other Critics

Two For Teranga; Channel Cafe Delights

Mediterranean Plate at Channel Cafe
Mediterranean Plate at Channel Cafe Photo: Jessie Rogers, TeaParty Boston

• Devra First gives South End Senegalese spot Teranga two and a half stars. The restaurant “exhibits a particular brand of cosmopolitan vibrancy one doesn’t see that often in Boston” and the food is good to boot. [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau decided to hit up Teranga as well, awarding it three stars. He loves the atmosphere, but wants the food to “pull it together.” [Phoenix]

• The Dig visits the revamped Channel Cafe and gives it four stars: “a highly recommended dinner option, especially for a first date.” [Dig]

• Bella English heads to West Roxbury to investigate the Skara Grill. The restaurant is growing its own tomatoes and cucumbers and the menu is vast and tasty. [Globe]

• MC Slim JB stops by El Mondonguito in Roxbury. The day’s specials tend to be the best, but watch out for anything that seems to have spent a very long time under the heat lamps. [Phoenix]

• Mat Schaffer gives Dawat a B. Go “if you seek a stolid, no surprises, not-too-spicy, workaday Moghul Indian restaurant.” [Herald]

Two For Teranga; Channel Cafe Delights