Top Chef

Top Chef Masters: Put a Fork in It?

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Maybe it was that season spoiler, but interest in Top Chef Masters seems to have pretty much fizzled out (well, ours certainly has, anyway). Anita Lo appeared on last night’s episode, and yet Eater seems to be the only major NYC food blog that bothered with a recap, and judging by how breezy it is, it’s pretty clear they fast-forwarded through the episode. Serious Eats’s experiment in live comment blogging (à la Gawker) garnered a lackluster fifteen comments. And the only sites that seemed to care about Anita Lo’s victory (yay!) were judge Gael Greene’s Bravo blog and the Rickshaw Dumpling blog, which finds Lo gabbing with her partner, Kenny Lao, about the dishes she prepared for Neil Patrick Harris. (That’s right, not even Doogie Howser/Barney could get us excited about this episode.) Safe to say the thrill is gone?

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