Today In Tommy Up Tweets: Smacking Down SquareBurger

Marketing Samurai Tommy Up
Marketing Samurai Tommy Up Photo: Kirsten Henri

Never forget that P.Y.T. owner Tommy Up is a promoter first and foremost. How could you? Between his open-close-open-close-open stunts, his courting of the budget-less local food media with free blogger brunches and his nonstop Tweeting, the hype machine for P.Y.T. is an unstoppable force. Confused restaurateurs take note - this strategy works. And now, Up’s gone and done it: challenging Stephen Starr’s SquareBurger to a burger-off, complete with Rocky III references.

Last night, Up was working Twitter with a vengeance, beginning with an invitation to Starr to man up:

TommyUp: I would like to formally challenge Squareburger to a Burger-Off. The gauntlet has been officially thrown.

This was followed by multiple Rocky III quotes and a swap of his Twitter icon from the burger porn lady to a nose-to-nose shot of Rocky and Clubber Lang. A sampling:

“if starr’s got guts he’ll meet me in the ring. i live alone, i train alone, i win the title alone, he cant duck me forever”

“where u at, paper champion? My prediction? PAIN”

Squareburger, where you at sucka? We’re gonna torture them. We’re gonna crucify them. Real bad.

Squarreburger, you call yourself a fighter? Prove it now. The way you been duckin’ is a disgrace. i know you follow me on twitter SRO

@StarrRestaurant Hey, Woman. Hey, Woman! Listen here. Since your old man ain’t got no heart, maybe you like to see a real man.

And then, finally, the straight smacktalk:

what’s my strategy? don’t need one. squareburger’s so predictable & stupid. place comes straight ahead. it’s tailor made for me.

Just got reminded squareburger uses frozen French fries. Really? Maybe we should tie one hand behind our back.

This whole exchange was followed by a bunch of local bloggers and foodies offering themselves up as judges. Congratulations, Tommy Up. Well played.

Today In Tommy Up Tweets: Smacking Down SquareBurger