The Getty Grubs on The Roman Empire

This Thursday and Saturday, The Getty Villa has two in-demand nights of lectures and eating in an exploration of what Caesar brought to his people’s table during “The Pleasures of Empire: Food and Cooking in Ancient Rome.”

With the world cowering at the city-state’s powerful feet, new and exotic tastes catapulted to Roman lips under the unification of their newly taken lands, with spices carted in from Asia and fish sailed in from the Atlantic. The Getty will look at ingredients in “the first truly imperial cuisine” with lectures by Andrew Dalby and Sally Grainger.

Then comes the bacchanal as Chef Grainger serves up some of the classic dishes she’s re-combobulated in her work on Apicius, an ancient Roman recipe book. All of this eating and drinking occurs on the Villa’s Cafe Terrace, with no on-site vomitorium…as far as we’ve heard.

Update: This event is sold out

The Getty Grubs on The Roman Empire