Food Fight

The Foundry Challenges Father’s Office to a Burger Battle

Wheat-paste is made very easily on your stove with a few common kitchen ingredients, but we like The Foundry’s recipe much better. Squid Ink reports that Foundry Chef Eric Greenspan and his prep cook took to the L.A. streets early Wednesday morning in a black Land Rover to basically look Sang Yoon’s Office Burger in the eyes and ask “where you from fool?”

Photos show the duo in stocking masks warranting a challenge to Father’s Office for a “Burger Bout” by sticking posters to the doors of both F.O. locations and scattering flyers in the doorway.

“To whom it may concern, consider yourself challenged to a burger bout. Anytime. Anywhere,” reads the poster, which lists a phone number to accept or decline.

Despite claims that the Foundry chef’s pugilistic pursuit of the dry-aged patty “isn’t personal,” using ketchup to adhere the posters to both locations’ doors is a pretty specific slap to the head, as Yoon’s masterpiece is infamous for its ‘no ketchup allowed’ policy.

We ultimately view food as celebratory and unifying, but with Food GPS’ Sunday ice-cream and beer float battle between BottleRock and Golden State, plus this possible tangle between Sang’s inspiration and Greenspan’s drive, we’re pumped for more local food fights.

The Foundry Challenges Father’s Office to a Burger Battle