Yesterday It Was ‘Doughnut Wars,’ Today It’s ‘Fruit Wars’

Photo: Ben Stechschulte

A few weeks ago, the Times published a story about the turf wars being raised by the new wave of food trucks (according to Midtown Lunch you can buy a print of the Elwood Smith cartoon that accompanies it), and now City Room reminds us it isn’t just the gringo vendors causing acrimony. A veteran Times Square fruit vendor became furious at a newbie for setting up shop around the corner and refusing to budge, so he opened a second cart right next to the new competition. To top it off, a third vendor in the area thinks they’re both trouble, since his business has been cut in half. But how do they feel about the Greenmarket in Port Authority?

Escalating Fruit Wars [City Room/NYT]

Yesterday It Was ‘Doughnut Wars,’ Today It’s ‘Fruit