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Tallulah Turns Out Cicada; or Vice Versa

Every time we go to Downtown’s elegant Cicada, we are always wondering where the people are. Honestly, we’re even wondering where the cicadas are, the beautiful old-fashioned restaurant gets so quiet and stiff.

Cicada breathed a fresh breath last Friday when Bruce Willis and Demi Moore turned the fine-dining establishment into a speakeasy, throwing a flapper-flavored fiesta for their daughter, Scout.

Apparently, having an old school name helps to get the party in full swing, just like Tallulah Belle Willis, son of Bruce and Demi Moore, who has grossly been called out for appearing “trashed” there.

If Ashton Kutcher was your step-dad, you’d probably drink too, but we’re not sure being shoeless and sweaty actually qualifies as ‘trashed.’ The pack of smokes? Possibly made of chocolate. Some tongue-waggers create drama from the thinnest air, sort of like whatever the next Die Hard movie is going to revolve around.

All we wish is to have the kind of friends who would pump some fresh blood into this gorgeous space every once and awhile, drunk or not.

Tallulah Turns Out Cicada; or Vice Versa