Menu Changes

Street’s Summer Eats

Photo: Helena Ruffin

Susan Feniger’s Street has cracked the spine on a new summer lunch menu with about 75% new dishes of spruced up street food including, brace yourself for deliciousness, mini-Kobe beef chili dogs. The menu couldn’t change completely, as some Feniger fanatics insisted she keep favorites on-board like the creative Soft Pretzel Deli Platter and the incredible Kaya Toast spread with coconut jam, a Singapore hangover remedy that has become one of the restaurant’s best sellers.

We’re looking forward to a summer spent over a refreshing Falafel chopped salad and savory Singapore chili crab with lap cheong sausage. Before we dive in, let’s take a look at the brand-new menu:

Street Bites

vegetable borscht of baby beets, kohlrabi, cabbage and leeks
served with mini potato pampushki filled with horseradish
and farmers cheese 8

KAYA TOAST a uniquely Singapore experience toasted bread
spread thick with coconut jam; served with a soft poached egg
drizzled in dark soy and white pepper 10

PAANI PURI small tastes of spiced potato, chutneys, and
sprouted beans enclosed in crispy puffs of dough dipped in
yogurt-cilantro water 6

SPINACH VARENYKY small Ukrainian dumplings filled with
spinach and a light layer of salted cheese; boiled and then pan fried
served with sour cream, fried onions and lemon marmalade 9

MALAYSIAN BLACK PEPPER CLAMS served on Singapore’s eastern
coast; clams simmered in oyster sauce with cracked black pepper,
palm sugar, soy, and lime 12

MUNG BEAN PANCAKES griddled with anise glazed pork belly,
scallions, and kimchi; with hot mustard sauce 8

MANDOO VEGETABLE DUMPLINGS asian vegetables and sweet
potato noodles with roasted honey yam and sesame dipping sauce 9

JAPANESE SHIZO SHRIMP marinated shrimp rolled with shizo,
nori seaweed, and crispy dough; served with ponzu, grated radish,
and wasabi 12


KOREAN RICE SALAD roasted black cod and a fried egg
atop chopped lettuce, brown rice, soybean sprouts, enoki
mushroom, nori, daikon radish, tofu, and sunflower seeds
in a spicy sweet sesame dressing 15

COBB SALAD a mixture of wood oven roasted chicken, assorted
lettuces, shaved fennel, bacon cracklings, cucumber, tomato,
boiled egg and St. Augur blue cheese dressed in homemade
thousand island dressing 14

with apple, black currant, watercress, toasted walnut, and millet
croutons in a juniper vinaigrette 9

SAIGON BEEF OR CHICKEN SALAD marinated skirt steak
(or chicken breast), long beans, celery leaf, carrots, cucumber, and
tomatoes with a chopped peanut, chile and soy lime dressing 15

NEW JERUSALEM BREAD SALAD chopped salad with Jerusalem
artichoke, Persian cucumber, tomato, feta, parsley leaves, and greens;
tossed with cumin toasted olive bread drizzled with warm sumac oil
and fresh lemon 11

half size of any salad and STREET Bite Plate 14.50 (add 3.00 for Malaysian Clams)


MINI KOBE BEEF CHILI DOGS two mini kobe dogs topped with
our sweet and spicy chili and white cheddar mustard sauce;
homemade potato chips 10

Vietnamese rice paper salad rolls filled with thin strips of green
and ripe papaya, fresh avocado, chiles, herbs and shrimp in a
spicy kaffir lime sauce 15

CRISPY LAMB TACOS two crispy shell tacos with spiced lamb
picadillo, refried white beans, finely shredded lettuce, cucumber
mint sour cream, marinated tomatoes, and grated cheese 11

FALAFEL CHOPPED SALAD & WRAPS homemade marble sized
falafel fritters tossed with crispy eggplant, tomato, cucumber,
pickled radish and shaved lettuce; served with thin lavash wraps,
tahini hot sauce, baba ganouj, lemon oil and tzatziki 14

FRIED FISH PO’ BOY crusty baguette with spicy fried fish,
horseradish mayo, creole mustard, citrus cabbage slaw, and
pickled peppers; homemade potato chips 13

LEBANESE ZA ’ATAR CHICKEN WRAP oven roasted chicken
chopped and dusted with za’atar spice mix; wrapped in toasted
lavash with baba ganouj, marinated tomatoes, olives, cucumber
lebni yogurt and chopped harissa eggs 16

BEEF BRISKET REUBEN topped with caramelized onions,
sauerkraut, melted Jarlsberg cheese, and homemade thousand
island on rye; served with harissa potato salad
and sliced cole slaw 13


TATSUTAGE FRIED CHICKEN marinated with soy, mirin, and
sake; crispy fried in rice batter and topped with spicy kewpie
mayonnaise sauce served with pickled vegetable slaw, and
chilled soba noodles 16

Bilbao chorizo capirotada, crisp shaved fennel arugula salad and
citrus suqet sauce with fennel cream 18

SINGAPORE CHILE CRAB classic Malay-style dish with spices,
chiles, and ketchup; served with chunks of white bread, pickled
baby coconuts, Okinawa sweet potato, baby corn, cilantro,
and lap cheong sausage 20

SOFT PRETZEL DELI PLATTER homemade pretzel baked fresh
in the wood oven with sea salt; served with slices of aged white
cheddar, salami, spicy mustard, cornichon pickles, and apple
walnut salad 12

HAWAIIAN ALANUI POKE PLATE diced ono filet and avocado
marinated in dashi ponzu sauce and Japanese spices on
sesame rice cakes; served with chilled soba noodles, tofu
and seaweed salad 16

SHIO RAMEN NOODLES Japanese ramen soup with clear spicy
broth, sliced roasted pork, shrimp, assorted garnishes and yuzu
kosho hot sauce 15

MASSAMUN CHICKEN CURRY traditional Southern Thai curry with
chicken, red yam and mushrooms simmered in coconut milk and
spices of Muslim Indian influence 16

Street’s Summer Eats