Marketing Gimmicks

Stephen Starr Walks Softly, Carries Big Burger

Pondering your next move, Stephen?
Pondering your next move, Stephen? Photo: STARR Restaurants

Has Stephen Starr finally responded to P.Y.T. owner Tommy Up’s relentless Twitter-taunting of Starr’s SquareBurger in the only way that matters? Last night, Starr Restaurants’ Twitter announced that the burger at his not-inexpensive chophouse Butcher & Singer, formerly priced at $16, would now be available for just $5.95 at lunch. With fries! Could this possibly be true?

According to the SRO Twitter, there’s no gimmick, “all you have to do is show up at Butcher and Singer and order it Monday through Friday from 11:30AM - 2:30PM!”

We checked to see if this could possibly be a Twitter typo - a Twypo? - but the restaurant confirms that it’s legit. The promotion starts today and runs indefinitely; it’s dine-in only - the price is not good for takeout.

Kudos, Stephen - it’s a magnificent move. Tommy Up may be masterful with smacktalk, but Stephen Starr speaks volumes with his manpurse. They don’t call him the DeathStarr for nothin’.

Stephen Starr Walks Softly, Carries Big Burger