Starbucks Gets Boozy; Ripert Cooks for Sarkozy

Photo: AP

• Starbucks will start offering wine and beer at one of its Seattle stores next week with an eye toward expanding their offerings nationwide. [NYP]

• Highbrow foodies are much more interested in low-end foods than before, and the economy is the likely culprit. [NYT]

• The Queens cop who blew the whistle in the Abner Louima case has allegedly been stealing doughnuts and sandwiches from a Rockaway Dunkin’ Donuts. [NYP]

• Eric Ripert made beef fillets for Nicolas Sarkozy, despite being a Buddhist. [NYP]

• A Long Island man who quit his job to figure out KFC’s secret recipe says he’s discovered it and will publish the results in a book. [NYP]

• The Iowa State Fair has discarded its plans to display a statue of Michael Jackson made out of butter after the announcement was greeted with controversy. [NYT]

• States and federal government are making food stamps easier to use at farmers’ markets. [NYT]

• The city is serious about getting a supermarket into the Navy Yard, and high-end groceries like Fairway are likely candidates. [Brooklyn Paper]

• The Fight Club–inspired 17-year-old whose plan to blow up an Upper East Side Starbucks was foiled last week got socked in the face at Rikers. [NYP]
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• Faced with federal legislation that would require all chains with twenty or more locations nationwide to list calorie counts on their menus, big chains are arguing the rules should apply to a broader segment of the restaurant industry. [WSJ]

• An Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashed into a home near Milwaukee. [NYP]

• Tom Colicchio and his wife are expecting a second child. [People]

• Tequila is becoming increasingly respectable. [NYT]

• The Red Hook Lobster Pound will sell lobster rolls at the U.S. Open. [Fork in the Road/VV]

Starbucks Gets Boozy; Ripert Cooks for Sarkozy