Miga and P.Y.T. on the Q.T.: Soft Openings

P.Y.T.'s burger porn logo
P.Y.T.’s burger porn logo Photo: P.Y.T.

Sometimes the early bird catches… crickets. We made our way over to the Piazza at 6pm sharp on Friday night to check out P.Y.T., party promoter Tommy Up’s new lounge-with-burgers and were met with more soft than opening as workers were still scrambling to get everything in shape. Meal Ticket showed up later and snagged some photos and a few cocktails.

Back in Center City, Miga, the Korean BBQ restaurant that moved into the former Pasion space has soft opened as well. No liquor license yet, but they’re giving away free soju cocktails.

P.Y.T. in Pictures [Meal Ticket]

Miga Soft Opens in Center City

Miga and P.Y.T. on the Q.T.: Soft Openings