The Other Critics: Fog City Diner, Little Skillett, Farallon

• Michael Bauer took a return visit to Fog City Diner, where he says the food has not survived the test of time. “It’s become a tourist trap, with all the stereotypes that implies,” he wrote. His conclusion: Buy a hat but leave the half-star food in the kitchen. [SF Chronicle]

• Matthew Stafford gives us one of the first formal reviews of Little Skillet, the chicken-and-waffles window adjacent to Brit-pop palace 330 Ritch. The relatively small menu means he got to taste pretty much everything, which seems to have gone down just fine. While the place gets a lot of buzz for its chicken and waffles, Po’ boys seem to edge them out in Stafford’s esteem. Call ahead, though, or get ready to wait in line. [SF Weekly]

• Paul Reidinger checked in with Farallon, where restraint is not on the menu when it comes to butter and decor, but shows up just in time for crab. Overall, it seems the Kuleto-designed fish house has aged well, and will continue to do so, though with its imported, not-necessarily-sustainable seafood it may not be the place for environmentalists. [SFBG]

Photo via orphanjones/flickr


The Other Critics: Fog City Diner, Little Skillett, Farallon