PizzaWings and Bo-Thai Up for Sale

A slice from PizzaWings
A slice from PizzaWings Photo: Nick Sherman/Flickr

Buk Kyung II’s forthcoming Korean street food spot isn’t the only restaurant change coming to Allston. Both Bo-Thai Cafe and PizzaWings are for sale on Craigslist. Bo-Thai owner Bo Somviengxay confirmed that he’s looking to sell the restaurant because of family issues and, while we weren’t able to reach PizzaWings owner for a comment, the Craigslist post indicates that its largely a matter of not being able to keep up with Allstonians’ rampant cravings for pizza and wings: “September is around the corner , All the stundents and new student return, then the SuperBowl and we cant handle it it becomes too busy.” Additionally, the owner “need[s] money for my Boxing career.” If you’ve always dreamed of being an Allston restaurateur, now’s your chance, guys.

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PizzaWings and Bo-Thai Up for Sale