Pho Tu Do Changes Hands in the Richmond

It looks like the Portola-area Pho Cali Pho Nia has taken over Pho Tu Do up in the Richmond. An employee at 1000 Clement Street said the Cali Fo Nia folks had bought out Pho Tu Do a couple months ago, but permits are just changing hands. The menu is a little different now, but we were assured quality has not suffered.

A Chowhound who got by there had this to say:

Overall impression: this was a tasty bowl, with fresh shrimp and squid pieces in it and the green bitterness of chinese celery. Also some good pieces of pork and what I’m guessing was pork liver… I couldn’t make up my mind about the broth. It was rich, but couldn’t tell whether the extra flavor boost I was tasting came from garlic or bouillon cubes, which strikes me as cheating.

If you’ve been by please share your thoughts, and if you have photos please do share them in our new Flickr pool.

Image via Pho Cali Fo Nia


Pho Tu Do Changes Hands in the Richmond