The Other Critics

North 26 is ‘Delightful"; Stephi’s on Tremont Stumbles

Photo: North 26

• Matt Schaffer pronounces North 26 “worth a visit” and gives it a B+. Brian Flagg’s cooking is simple, yet delicious, and service is “a delightful surprise.” [Herald]

Stephi’s On Tremont gets a mere star and a half from Devra First. The cocktails are weirdly sweet and the food is bland, but the patio rocks. [Globe]

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• Robert Nadeau has three stars for Max and Dylan’s in a review with a fantastic opener (“Who is Max? Who is Dylan? The casual visitor cannot know.”). Nothing is exceptional, but it’s all pretty good. [Phoenix]

• Cheap Eats checks out Newmarket Square’s Rudi’s Resto-Cafe. There’s something for everyone at the restaurant’s new location. [Globe]

• Daniel Lucas gives the revamped Cantina La Mexicana four stars. The food is delicious and there’s even karaoke! [Dig]

• It’s Thai tapas for On The Cheap, which visits Somerville’s Ronnarong this week. The concept makes it great (and well-priced!). [Phoenix]

North 26 is ‘Delightful"; Stephi’s on Tremont Stumbles