Nom Nom: The Banh Mi Truck

Photo: Nom Nom

We were told to prepare for the onslaught of savvy investors who smelled green the day the first line formed for Kogi, and we have a feeling it hasn’t really even started yet. While we await the coming carne carnage, the next truck L.A. is stalking on Twitter is Nom Nom: The Banh Mi truck.

The outfit has been plotting and planning their grand roll-out since June, with plans to spring Vietnamese sandwiches and dishes on the city in August, but specifically in West L.A. where decent banh mi and Vietnamese eats are certainly lacking. This is not a marketing concept so much as a badly needed service since Westsiders don’t even have the option of spending their gas to hit Silverlake’s defunct KP’s Deli.

Named for the sound one makes when chewing in ecstasy (“om nom nom”), the truck’s early menu does have a lemongrass chicken taco and they are trying to find a way to make Cafe Sua Da work while on the road.

The menu will probably get bigger in the next two weeks, but for now here’s what’s got us saving our gas on trips to San Gab:

-Grilled Pork Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi Thit Nuong)
-Combination Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi Dac Biet)
-Vegetarian Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi Chay)
-Lemongrass Chicken Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi Ga Xao Sa)
-Lemongrass Chicken Taco

Nom Nom: The Banh Mi Truck