Never Can Say Goodbye (to Il Panino)

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“You see, it’s located very near Cambridge City Hall and that eggplant pizza is delicious.” Photo: Tim Toomey

Think you’re devastated by the closing of Trattoria II Panino Express? You’ve got nothing on Tim Toomey. Cantabrigia reports that the Cambridge city councilor and state rep introduced a policy order to the City Council to see if anything can be done to save the lunch spot. Oh, Tim! You may miss Il Panino’s “signature ‘Il Panino’ sandwich, its eggplant pizza and its moderately-priced Italian dinners”, but unfortunately, this is probably not a matter for legislative intervention.

Arrivederci Il Panino: Central Square Losing Beloved Italian Eatery [Cantabrigia]

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Never Can Say Goodbye (to Il Panino)