Mission Street Food Gets Ripped

One niche Mission Street Food fills nicely is that of drug-themed dinners. The restaurant-within-a-restaurant first edged into class-A territory when it served “lines” of bacon “snow.” Now it’s going the whole distance this Saturday with Mission Stoned Food. Plebiscite has a sneak peak at the menu of stoner munchies, which includes Hot Pockets, Ruffles, and “inverted nachos.” It cannot possibly be a coincidence that this is going down on 7/11.

Here’s the whole menu, in case you’re too, um, “tired” to click over to Plebiscite:

Dinner for two, for one (for the indecisive and hungry)
“Hot pockets”
Humboldt Fog
Inverted nachos
A *new,* ridiculous PB&J; flatbread sandwich
Candy bar terrines
Additional, possibly awful, possibly wonderful, definitely exceptional surprises

We assume it’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Bong). [Via Plebiscite]

Ride it on Out Like You Were a Bird… [MenuPages SF]

Photo via ЕленАндреа/flickr

Mission Street Food Gets Ripped