Mediavore: Pleasant Hill Quiznos Burns

• A Pleasant Hill Quizno’s burned early today in a fire that hurt no one but destroyed the restaurant. The blaze started in the attic and is considered an accident. [CoCo Times]

• 7-11 Plans to give away free 7.11 oz Slurpies on July 11 (7/11). That’s fine and all, but SF Weekly’s Joe Eskenazi is still mighty bitter the chain of convenience stores opened one in the shell of the beloved old 711 Club at 711 Market Street. Couldn’t they leave well enough alone? [SF Weekly]

• A virus is debilitating Chile’s salmon industry and production isn’t expected to pick back up until 2011. [WSJ]

• The country’s only Stella D’oro factory will close in October after over 75 years in business. [City Room/NYT]

• The recent boost in food stamp funding has resulted in a quick surge of cash into the economy. [WSJ]


Mediavore: Pleasant Hill Quiznos Burns