Mediavore: Pez Dispenses Lawsuit Against Museum

• The Pez company has sued the Burlingame Pez museum for copyright infringement because of its exhibit of a huge dispenser that was not made by the company. [Serious Eats]

Canteen, Slow Club, and Bix have tiny kitchens where chefs have adjusted to the cramped quarters of the big city in different, but equally effective ways. [SF Chronicle]

• Despite its more than 200 menu items, Berkeley’s hole-in-the-wall Mayflower has remained virtually invisible until now. [East Bay Express]

• Mario Batali’s genetic profile will be revealed in new PBS series Faces of America. [The Food Section]

• A federal court ruled that the Stella D’Oro cookie plant must reinstate its striking workers and pay them back wages. [City Room/NYT]


Mediavore: Pez Dispenses Lawsuit Against Museum