Mediavore: Not Everyone Knows About Free Lunches

• Any Illinois child who gets free lunches during the school year can have them during the summer, too, but a lack of awareness of the program (and lack of transportation options to lunch centers) hinders its effectiveness. [Tribune]

• Hot dog king Oscar Mayer (the third one) has died, at the age of 95. [AP]

• Stock shares for the chain Ruby Tuesday rose by 10 percent yesterday, a rally the restaurant is attributing to their commitment to value- and youth-oriented marketing. [Reuters]

• Though Americans are drinking more overall, the recession has caused a huge downturn in the luxury wine market. [WSJ]

• The growing fascination with sustainably produced foods has lead to an increased interest in butchers, many of whom are becoming sex symbols. [NYT]

• In a White House ceremony announcing new safety rules for eggs, Joe Biden promised a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s food safety system. [NYT]

Mediavore: Not Everyone Knows About Free Lunches