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Marea Gains Accolades; Monkey Bar Improves Under Forgione

Marea is a bit silly,” confesses Ryan Sutton, but nonetheless gives it four stars and deems it “an outstanding restaurant.” [Bloomberg] Related: What to Eat at Marea

“The question is not whether Marea is a very good restaurant. It’s at least that,” says Alan Richman, who calls it “the best restaurant from Cannon-White.” [Forked/GQ]

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Monkey Bar is a “clubhouse,” not a restaurant, though Frank Bruni thinks the food has improved under Larry Forgione: “You can eat well if you order carefully.” [NYT]
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DBGB Kitchen & Bar “looks like a gourmet mess hall,” writes Danyelle Freeman, who suggests skipping the burgers and the pâté in favor of head cheese and sausage. [NYDN]
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Gael Greene “didn’t expect to be as quickly seduced” by Aureole, and suggests diners take advantage of the 15 percent preview discount until September 15. [Insatiable Critic]
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Sorella is “uncommonly lovely,” enthuses Lila Byock. The food is just as good: “[Emma] Hearst employs bacon liberally, as though it were merely a seasoning.” [NYer]
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Iraqi restaurant La Kabbr is “the sort of popular cosmopolitan hang always getting bombed outside the Green Zone,” but the Hell’s Kitchen location offers a range of Middle Eastern food and plenty of wine to go with it. [VV]

Marea Gains Accolades; Monkey Bar Improves Under Forgione