Lots of Lobster at Olives

Photo: Olives

Stop by Olives any night from tonight until August 8 and get three courses, including a whole 1.25 pound lobster, for $35. Compose your meal from one of five super-summery appetizers, the lobster prepared one of four ways (as always, we endorse steamed), and a spread of ever-changing desserts. Check out the full menu below.

Summer Corn Chowder
Celery, salt pork
Grilled Tomato Bruschetta
Catalan style, cherry tomato salad & arugula
Steamed Mussels
Warn semolina polenta, Pernod, saffron, fennel
Native Tart Green Salad
Walnut vinaigrette, roasted golden beats, pecorino de peppe
Ricotta Ravioli
Pesto, summer squash, pea sprouts Fontina Spuma

1 ¼ pounds served with summer jalapeno slaw, drawn butter, creamy red bliss mashed potatoes prepared in the style of your choice:
Wood Grilled Lobster
Pan Roasted Lobster
Steamed Lobster
Crispy Lobster

An array of daily selections

Lots of Lobster at Olives