La Pinata Stabbing; Dangerous Molecular Gastronomy

• An Oakland man faces attempted murder charges after he allegedly stabbed somebody at Alameda’s La Pinata. [CoCo Times]

• In New Jersey, they take shellfish burglary seriously. A man who stole 91 lobsters from an Atlantic City casino restaurant just got four years’ prison time. [AP/SF Gate]

• A German chef blew off both of his hands while using liquid nitrogen for a molecular gastronomy dish. [The Local]

• A shande! One of the accessories for new American Girl doll Rebecca Rubin, a doll meant to be a Jewish girl from 1914 New York, is a bagel - topped with American cheese. [The Food Section]

• The ridiculous bacon foodstuffs trend is still going strong, complete with products like skillet bacon jam and Spam with bacon. [A.V. Club]

La Pinata Stabbing; Dangerous Molecular Gastronomy