Holy Crêpe!! A New Cart Is Making Milky Way and Guacamole Crêpes

Folks, last night marked our virgin encounter with the month-old Tripie crêpe cart (when read from right to left, “tripie” means “chocolate” in Hebrew). Good Lord, where to start with this? First of all, just take a look at our video of the making of a candy bar, fresh fruit, and whipped cream crêpe. Once you’ve digested that, know this: The owners are completely nuts Brian Fogel and Rony Klein. Fogel, the man who decided guacamole could be a crêpe filling, came here from Israel a year and half ago with the dream of serving the “healthiest food on the street.” How exactly is the option of combining pickles, whipped cream, and hard-boiled eggs healthy? Well, Fogel reveals to us that in the next days, he’ll start adding a powder containing 25 vitamins and minerals to his batter. All of his batter. (The top-secret batter recipe, in case you’re wondering, came from a chef friend at a French restaurant.) The cart, which currently has a Facebook page and will soon be on Twitter, will be parked at 8th Street and Fourth Avenue from around noon till 3 a.m. If you go, bring a pen in order to sign the guest book, and ask about customer loyalty cards, coming soon. But before that, you really do have to click on the video and see the menu.

Combos - $4.99
1. Hard boiled egg, cheese, mushrooms

2. Guacamole, tomatoes, cheese, salsa dressing

3. Cheese, onions and mushrooms

4. Turkey breast, beef, or ham with cheese and tomatoes and pesto dressing

5. Nutella, strawberries, banana, shredded coconut

6. Honey, maple syrup, strawberries and blueberries

7. Peanut butter and jam and chopped almonds

8. Melted pieces of Milky Way with strawberries and whipped cream

Step One - Let us treat you with a fresh crepe made from our secret recipe - $2.50

Step Two - Choose as many toppings as you like from the following - 75 cents each

Milk spreadable chocolate
Low calorie jam
Nutella chocolate spread
Chopped almonds
Dried apricots
Whipped Cream
Shredded coconut
Peanut Butter
Maple Syrup
Chocolate Chips
Melted Milky Way

Tomato sauce
Cheese (variety)
Hard boiled egg
Turkey breast
Honey mustard
Roast beef

Breakfast combo - Crepe with an omelette and choose two toppings and cup of coffee - $4.95

Hot drinks
Small coffee - 12 oz - $1.50
Large coffee - 16 oz. - $1.75
Small tea - 12 oz. - $1.25
Large tea - 16 oz - $1.50
Small herbal tea - 12 oz. - $1.50
Large herbal tea - 16 oz. - $1.75

Cold drinks
Water, soda - $1.25
Soda bottled, iced coffee (16 oz.), iced tea (16 oz.) - $1.75
Lemonade or water - $1 or free with crepes that are $5 and up

For more info, visit the Facebook page.

Holy Crêpe!! A New Cart Is Making Milky Way and Guacamole Crêpes