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Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Still in the Game

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Andy Husbands has probably had better nights than the ones depicted on last night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Things started out alright for the Tremont 647 chef. Though he was in the bottom four at the end of last week’s episode, Tony was eliminated instead (goodbye, Fred-Armisen-playing-Joy-Behar-soundalike!). After the elimination, the teams returned to the apartment to sleep, only to be awoken shortly by what at first seemed to be a fire. When they raced outside, however, they were greeted by Gordon Ramsay who informed them that a) it was just a fire drill, and b) for their challenge, they would be cooking for the assembled fireman. (Andy on this development: “Hell’s Kitchen is like a really cruel joke that your friends are playing on you.”) The teams had to prepare garlic bread, chicken alfredo, and spaghetti and meatballs. This is where things started to go south for our hometown hero.

Assigned to prep the garlic bread, Andy initially heated only two of the five available ovens, a move neither Ramsay nor Robert (now back on the blue team) understood. This resulted in the blue team’s garlic bread not hitting the table until after the red team’s pasta and Andy getting super defensive. Later in the episode, during service, Robert asked Andy to help him out with the scallops and Andy crowded the pan. The scallops came out poorly, Ramsay blamed Robert, and Robert blamed Andy, who he called a “gimp.” Andy retorted by calling Robert a “douchebag.” Fortunately, the blue team still won the service, keeping Andy in the game for another week.

• The best part of this week’s episode, was, of course, the confrontation between ex-Marine Joseph and Ramsay, continued from last week’s episode. After Joseph repeatedly proclaimed for no apparent reason that he’s not a bitch, Ramsay informed him that “I ask the questions, you give the answers.” Joseph’s response: “F*** that, I’m not here for that.” Um, you kind of are, dude. Joseph then made the mistake of physically stepping to Ramsay, who promptly kicked him off the show. And then something amazing happened. Joseph tripped on a step while storming off, Ramsay casually said “Watch the step” and Joseph yelled “You watch the step, bitch.” Awesome.

• Oh, Amanda. Our least-favorite contestant continued being awful, this time by losing a lamb chop. There were meant to be nine: three on each of three plates. When Ramsay asked her what three threes is, she responded “Three.” He rephrased the question: “What’s three times three?” Amanda’s response: “Six.” Ramsay then called her a “thick bitch.” Congratulations, guys, for both coming off terribly!

• Sexism watch: besides all the “bitch” talk, we couldn’t help but notice that Ramsay refers to the contestants as “men and ladies.” Gross.

• We’ve seen few shows that give less credit to the viewer. After every single commercial break, the announcer tells us what just happened, just in case we were so enthralled by the Target ads that we forgot.

• Despite all his screaming, Ramsay has a twinkle of love in his eye when he sends the contestants back to their apartment at episode’s end. Aw.

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Hell’s Kitchen: Andy’s Still in the Game