Hash Starts Slinging Dinner This Friday

Now for an update on dinner at Hash, the jumping breakfast joint in Venice’s newly renovated Erwin Hotel that was reported to be getting into the supper business on July 3rd, then July 7th, which both came and went with nary a moonlight meal at the hotel’s ground floor restaurant.

According to the restaurant’s website, this Friday will mark the day dinner is finally served, though apparently in a small window of 6-9:30pm. A wagyu burger, fresh corn handkerchief “lasagne,” and a Korobuta pork chop with caramelized summer peaches are currently a few of the offerings from the restaurant’s menu, but we’re looking forward to an expansion of Patina Group/Ramsay-vet Chef Micah Field’s crazy comfort food already demonstrated during mornings at The Erwin.

It’s taken Hash just a few weeks to convince Venice residents and visitors that it is one of the only businesses not selling quasi-legal herbal remedies by the beach in these times, though we’re not sure Erwin’s rooftop lounge “High” helped much.

With fun dishes like Homer’s Doughnut Heaven, daily hash specials, and build-your-own Bloody Mary’s, Hash seems to be one of Venice’s only hot-spots taking the attention from Abbot-Kinney’s ever-growing strip of toney eateries.

Hash Starts Slinging Dinner This Friday