Grocery Bistro: Evicted?

Photo: courtesy The Grocery Bistro

A possible end to last month’s soap operatic drama at The Grocery Bistro: a source reports that “Grocery Bistro is finished. Eviction notice served.” Calls and emails to the restaurant have gone unreturned, and we’re pretty sure erstwhile chef Andre Christopher is gloating a bit over at his new station at Little Bucharest Bistro. [312DD]

Update: Grocery Bistro owner Marcel Somfelean called us to clarify: “The Grocery Bistro was not served for eviction or anything like that. I think whoever said that, they’re working with our former chef and posting false allegations about us. This is not the first time this happened. Business is great. Last weekend — Friday and Saturday — it was our busiest nights ever, both by the number of customers and the sales.”

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Grocery Bistro: Evicted?