The Other Critics

Govind Slammed Again in N.Y.C.

L.A. heroes rarely expect open-armed embraces when touching down in Gotham. So maybe it should be expected that local kitchen guru Govind Armstrong continues to take a closed-fist battering with the N.Y.C. debut of Table 8, which opened last May in Manhattan’s Cooper Square Hotel. The Village Voice’s Sarah DiGregorio is only the latest to take the wind out of Govind, with a report Monday slamming the chef’s Cali-cuisine exports.

Among the stomach-turning disses:

“Flabby flatbreads perfunctorily topped…”

“Seems to be mainly populated by the Real Housewives of New Jersey…”

“Mayo is everywhere–glopped next to orbs of already unctuous burrata…”

“Many plates are messy and lack focus.”

Even worse was a whispered comparison to “Taco Bell” and even a stab at Armstrong’s use of “over-fished species,” which must certainly burn this O.G. of the free-range.

This latest hailstorm of grossed-out quips is piling onto a growing heap of slams from New York Magazine to New York Daily News. The only upside is maybe we’ll see Table 8 back on our boulevards sooner than we’d thought.

Govind Slammed Again in N.Y.C.