Fudge from Hollywood Nuns; Julia’s Pals Speak Up

• The cloistered Dominican nuns at Hollywood’s Monastery of the Angels make their own fudge and pumpkin bread for purchase. [The Examiner]

• A new British study found that organic food is no healthier than conventional food. [Reuters]

• McDonald’s McCafe has brought in new coffee customers, but has failed to convert Starbucks’ regulars. [Rueters]

• Susan Feniger will create a menu for the next Emmy-post party at Vibiana on September 20th. [DishRag]

• Julia Child’s friends debate her depiction in Julie and Julia, agreeing that it’s hard to depict someone who is one-of-a-kind. [Washington Post]

• Environmental groups are poking fun of bottled water in new ad campaign. [BNET]

• The House of Representatives narrowly voted down a law that would have given the FDA increased power to enforce food safety. [WSJ]

Fudge from Hollywood Nuns; Julia’s Pals Speak Up