Frysmith Truck Zeroes in on L.A’s Favorite Fries

Photo: Frysmith

Frysmith is the newest food truck on the city’s radar, as detailed today in Serious Eats. The mission of hubby-and-wife owners Erik Cho and Brooke Howell is to hand-cut and cook the spuds in two deep fryers contained in their truck’s 18-foot kitchen, then splatter them with global ingredients. So far, soyrizo vegan chili fries, rajas fries with shawarma steak, kimchi fries topped with kurobuta pork belly (of course), and chicken sweet potato fries with cashews have made the cut. We love our fries and love our trucks, but feel Frysmith has some pretty steep competition in the specialized fry category from these favorites:

Cafe Pinot - Garlic fries
•Chano’s- Asada Fries
Father’s Office -Sweet potato fries
Josie - Truffle fries
Langer’s - Krinkle cut fries
• Lucky’s Boy Drive-In - Chili cheese fries
• My Taco - Asada fries
Pete’s Blue Chip - Seasoned chili cheese fries
Pete’s Cafe and Bar - Blue cheese fries
Traxx - Cumin fries

Frysmith: A Fry Truck Landing in Los Angeles [Serious Eats]

Frysmith Truck Zeroes in on L.A’s Favorite Fries