FryGate? About Those Frozen French Fries at SquareBurger…

Lamb Weston's Fries
Lamb Weston’s Fries Photo: Lamb Weston

With all of the attention that’s been focused on the burger at SquareBurger, the fancy beef (Indian Ridge), the potato roll (Martin’s), the mustard (French’s), the fries have slipped under the radar. Chef Shane Cash told Grub Street they were “Private Reserve,” but neglected to mention they were frozen. We spoke with Simon Powles, director of Starr’s catering entity and he filled us in.

“What, did you think they were hand cut?” Powles laughed. Maybe?

“We’re the Lamb Weston brand’s private reserve label quarter-inch fry. It’s the same fry we use at Jones.”

Okay, we could get our foodie panties in a bunch, but what’s the big deal? Even French Laundry chef Thomas Keller uses frozen fries at some of his restaurants. Why be ashamed? This is Philly after all, the town that incorporates Cheez Whiz into its signature dish and is proud of it.

It also means that they’re expecting enough volume to make hand cut fries an impossibility.

FryGate? About Those Frozen French Fries at SquareBurger…