Drinker’s and Vesuvio Shuttered As Public Nuisances

The Nuisance Task Force, which usually targets speakeasies and troublesome bars in much more troublesome districts, raided several Center City and South Philly spots this weekend. Kevin Daly, chief of the Task Force, confirmed to Grub Street that both Drinker’s and Vesuvio were closed as public nuisances, while super-dive McGlinchey’s and nightclub Level Room were both closed for various code violations. For the latter two, the violations must be corrected and then the bars can reopen, but for the bars closed as public nuisances, the outlook is more ominous.

According to Daly, when a bar is closed as a public nuisance, their Business Privilege License, which allows them to operate, is revoked and the owners must appeal to L&I; to have their license reinstated before they can open for business again. Depending on the circumstances of the violation (whether it’s the first time, for example), can effect whether the board will reinstate the license. Judging from how expeditiously things normally go with L&I;, we wouldn’t be making plans to meet for drinks at either place anytime soon.

Also, a weekend-long raid and still no one has managed to figure out who is selling Faker’s Mark?

Foobooz has a shot of the stripey ‘cease operations’ sign at Drinker’s.

Drinker’s and Vesuvio Shuttered As Public Nuisances