District 5: Giving the People What They Want

Photo: Adam Martin

District 5 opens tonight at 5:30 p.m. in the old Metro Kathmandu space. The same owners will operate the new “American comfort food” restaurant, but they thought it was time for a change. “We’ve been running Metro Kathmandu for two years, we found out what people wanted was comfort cuisine,” owner Roshan KC told us. “A lot of restaurants recently opened that are too expensive. We’re doing a more affordable price.” Not much has changed as far as the look of the place, as you can see from the photo, though they’re now hanging art from local artists. Check out the menu below, and stop by if you’re in the neighborhood. The city’s name for the hood, by the way: District 5.

district 5


white beans and spinach soup 5.5

chicken california soup 6

house mix green / verjus & grape seed oil dressing 6

romaine heart, boquerone / xvo garlic lemon dressing 7.5

heirlooms black tomatoes, cucumber, piquillos, goat cheese/ xvo lemon dressing 8

asparagus, roasted bell pepper, shaved egg /tarragon vinaigrette 8

roasted organic beets, young spinach, house vinaigrette 8

p.e.i. mussels tomato picante 9

steamed ground buffalo pot stickers with curry tomato, cilantro sauce 7.75

black cod croquette piment d’espelette aioli 8

house country pate w/ crostini and cornichons 7


spaghetti with 6 hour sugo 11

penneti, spicy italian sausage point reyes teleme cheese 12

trofie pasta w/ pesto and tomatoes 10

camarguais red rice, piquillo, tomatoes, asparagus 11

couscous & fresh vegetable of the day 12

pei mussel, italian sausage, tomato v8 garlic herb broth and kennebec fries 13.50

roasted salmon, grill asparagus, cilantro butter emulsion 14.50

black cod demi sel, grilled heirloom tomatoes kafir lime xvo 15.50

chicken tagine on couscous w/ charmoula 13.50

roasted chicken breast brushed w/ california olive tapenade on red rice 15.50

braised baby back rib w/ coffee cardamom glaze, and lentils 15.00

pan sautéed hanger steak, pinot noir red onion compote and fries 17.00

organic hamburger, house cured pickle and fries 11

pork slider w/ house salad 10


“Mac & cheese” 6

kennebec fries 5

grilled asparagus 6

lentils 5

District 5: Giving the People What They Want