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Commerce Switches to Befuddling ‘Credit Cards Only’ Policy

Photo: istockphoto

Commerce has sent us a rather bizarre press release. Read with us now:

Carrying around cash is a thing of the past. Leave it to Commerce, Harold Moore’s West Village hot spot, to modernize and go “paper-free,” now only accepting credit cards as a convenience to its patrons. With robberies on the rise in the West Village, owner Tony Zazula also sees the switch as a safety precaution. It will eliminate the dangerous situation that employees face when walking to local banks with large sums of cash. So forget about that last-minute trip to the ATM and head to Commerce for a relaxing meal.

Weird — as if contending with cash-only restaurants wasn’t annoying enough, we now have to deal with this?

Commerce Switches to Befuddling ‘Credit Cards Only’ Policy