Julie and Julia Premieres; Coke’s Carbonated Milk

• Amy and Meryl take over the red carpet while Julie and Julia premiered at Westwood’s Village Mann Theater last night. [Gossip Center]

• L.A.’s mobile food fleet adds The Dosa Truck for Indian-on-the-go. [Gastronomy]

• SoCal’s South Asian fish markets on the lookout for pollution-contaminated White Croaker among its catches. [AP]

• PETA pressures United Health to lower insurance rates for vegetarians. [Los Angeles Bizjournal]

• Coca-Cola is preparing to launch Vio, a new carbonated milk that the company says tastes “like a birthday party for a polar bear.” [NY Post]

• An interesting fact has emerged from Gatesgate: the White House only serves domestic beer. [The Awl via Boston Globe]

• A new study finds that obesity-related conditions account for 9.1 percent of all health spending. [NY Post]

• Good news for Starbucks employees: the company will match 401(k) contributions this year. [NY Post]

Julie and Julia Premieres; Coke’s Carbonated Milk