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Chefs vs. City’s Chicago Episode, Starring the Morelli Brothers and Superdawg

Our sense of despondence over Bravo’s inexcusible oversight of Chicago in their lineup for Top Chef’s sixth season is mitigated somewhat by the announcement of The Food Network’s new show, Chefs vs. City. A traveling carnival featuring San Francisco-based Chris Cosentino (Incanto) and New York chef Aaron Sanchez (Centrico), each episode will take place in a different city, with the two competing against local food folks in a variety of culinary challenges. Chicago features for episode number three, and according to the Food Network “Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino go up against Chicago born and raised, restaurateur brothers, Gregg and Joey Morelli.” The Morelli brothers are, of course, the owners of Joey’s Brickhouse. But what sort of challenge will they be facing?

Some internet-savvy person over at Eat Me Daily did some digging and uncovered a photoset that reveals that the Chicago challenge will involve some sort of throwdown at Superdawg Drive-In. From the collection of images, we’re thinking the four dudes are in for a relay race — and there are helmets involved, and it’s raining, all of which which ups the ante to a probable awesome.

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[Top photo of Cosentino and Sanchez, courtesy the Food Network]

Chefs vs. City’s Chicago Episode