Calamari Attacks; Caffeinated Booze Under Fire

• Calamari strikes back: Enormous squid attacking divers off the California coast. [SF Gate]

• Frustrated with cocktail lists, a waiter encourages us to get weird with the Martuna (contains tuna, mayo and potato chips). [Bay Area Bites]

• After going after Sparks recently, several attorneys general are now taking aim at other caffeinated beers. [WSJ]

• Abu Dhabi is not messing around about food safety: a chef there was recently fined the equivalent of $27,000 for having an out-of-date tub of yogurt in his restaurant’s fridge. [Transracial]

• The union representing the Stella D’oro workers is trying to get an injunction to prevent the factory from closing. [Crain’s]

Calamari Attacks; Caffeinated Booze Under Fire