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The Burger Register: Philadelphia’s Twenty-Two Notable Burgers

While the world thinks the only way Philadelphia knows how to treat beef is to slice it up, melt some provolone on top of it, stuff it into a long roll and torment presidential candidates for not knowing how to order it the right way, we know better. Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is cheesesteak country, but one of Philly’s delicious little secrets (alongside the roast pork sandwich and amazing craft beer scene) is its killer burgers.

From neighborhood bars to soigné supper clubs, the burgers in Philly tend to be big, bold and tucked into a brioche bun from Le Bus. So which ones are the best? We’ve done the hard work for you and culled the city’s offerings down to the worthiest 22. Each one is photographed in its natural habitat, complete with vital statistics on meat composition, patty weight, height, bun pedigree, toppings, cooking method and, of course, prices. Oh, and the Whiskey King, the extravagant new burger at Jose Garces’s not-yet-opened gastropub Village Whiskey? You’ll find it in here, too. When you’re done drooling, check out our Burger Registers for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston.

Philadelphia’s Twenty-Two Notable Burgers